DGEL Soak-Off Gel Polish – BUBBLY

DGEL Soak-Off Gel Polish – BUBBLY


Korean professional nail polish brand DGEL <MINIBOLD BUBBLY COLLECTION> luminous and pastel series, a total of 7 colors, when you are in a dark environment, the nail color will turn into luminous, making your fingertips attractive from day tonight. The texture is smooth and thick, and the color is solid with one application, a must for novices.

Size of the bottle: 10 ml

韓國專業級甲油品牌DGEL <MINIBOLD BUBBLY COLLECTION> 夜光的溫柔粉色系,全套共7個顏色,當身處黑暗的環境甲色會變成夜光,令妳的指尖從日到夜散發出獨特光芒。質地順滑厚身,一塗即實色,新手必備。


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