DGEL – Disney Trendy Color Gel

DGEL – Disney Trendy Color Gel


“Disney Trendy Color Gel – from Korean professional Soak-Off Gel nail polish brand DGEL, 10 colors for each set, Mickey Mouse and friends, the loveliness of each meet four types of color gel.”
– Mickey Mouse shows color development [Vivid Color]
– Minnie Mouse shows a natural feeling [Nude color]
– Donald Duck full of elegance and warmth [Gray]
– Daisy Duck’s lovely and bright colors [Pastel]

Size of the bottle: 8 ml

“韓國專業級Soak-Off Gel甲油品牌DGEL的 <迪士尼Trendy Color Gel>,一套10種顏色,米老鼠和朋友,每個角色的可愛特質,盡現在四種Trendy Color Gel上。”
– 米奇老鼠 展現色彩 [鮮豔色系]
– 米妮老鼠 展現自然的感覺 [裸色系]
– 唐老鴨 充滿優雅和溫暖 [灰色系]
– 黛絲鴨 可愛亮麗的色彩 [粉色系]

容量:8 ml

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